More screenshots, info on Resistance 2 from E3 Judge’s Day

Insomniac Games Resistance 2 - Image 1Yes, Resistance fans are already foaming at the mouth for more Resistance 2 coverage, and here are some more tidbits revealed in the recent E3 Judges Day event for you to chew on. So what are they about? A handful of screenshots, and some additional mechanics concerning multiplayer Skirmish. The details in the full article.

Insomniac Games Resistance 2 - Image 1 Insomniac Games Resistance 2 - Image 2 Insomniac Games Resistance 2 - Image 1 

We’ve heard about Insomniac Game’s tagline for the competitive battles in Resistance 2: massive battles, more intimacy. Insomniac Games showed just how intimate battles can get in the Skirmish multiplayer mode – 40 to 60 players each session.

The players would be divided into smaller, bit-sized squads. The arrangement allows for tactical battles, and we’re more than happy. But what else can we expect from Resistance 2?

According to James Stevenson, Community Relations Manager in Insomniac, the game’s demo shown in the recent E3 Judges Day revealed interesting mechanics thrown into the Skirmish multiplayer mode.

These elements include rivalling squads and a hefty rewards system “that recognizes just about everything positive you can do in-game.” Sounds exciting? You bet it is.

The game will be set in multiple locations across the United States, and Insomniac Games did not fail to take advantage of the many available environments that can be used in-game.

The settings include Scotia, California’s Redwood Forest (showcased in the demo), and the Chicago single-player level, as shown in the screenshots in this article.

If you’ve looked long and hard at the in-game screenshots, you’ll see that they made improvements on lighting, and other similar graphical effects. Yes, they indeed look sweet. Granted, these few screenshots are just teasers to what’s in store for us in Resistance 2, but one thing is for sure: the game looks good, more and more.

Via PlayStation Blog

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