Motorstorm 2 video to be released

Motorstorm 2 video to be released on Wednesday, March 5 - Image 1To those who have enjoyed MotorStorm, here’s good news that could brighten up your day. A Motorstom 2 video is definitely making its way to be seen by the eyes of many. This is certainly something that could tickle the gaming taste buds of fans. Find out more after the jump!

Motorstorm 2 video to be released - Image 1If you’re reading this line, we can assume that you’re curious to know when the Motorstorm 2 video will be out. Well, we got news that this certain video will be out this Wednesday, March 5, 2008.

As to the video’s content, there’s still little to no information about it. Everything it still up in the air as of the moment. But you can bet, to expect something new from it. After all, the sequel to Sony Computer Entertainment’s MotorStorm is still under development.

So, better mark your calendars after reading this. It’s just a few days away from today. We’ll bring you guys with more updates and news on the desert racer game.

Via Juex Video

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