MyPSP Robotics v5.2.1 – latest update includes modules for PSP Fat

MyPSP Robotics v5.2.1 - latest update of MyVoice, modules for PSP Fat - Image 1Itching to try out your poor man’s microcontroller kit for your Sony PlayStation Portable, eh? Well we haven’t reached that point yet, because MyPSP Robotics just adopted its voice recognition features with the recent addition of MyVoice. That’s another set of testing until homebrew developer ccpspita‘s ironed out all the kinks. The latest version of MyPSP Robotics is now at version 5.2.1, and this time there’s also some love for owners of the original, low memory PSP Fat.

Download: MyPSP Robotics v5.2.1 – with modules for PSP Fat

MyPSP Robotics v5.2.1 - latest update includes modules for PSP Fat - Image 1 

MyPSP Robotics version 5.2.1 is a major improvement over version 5.1.0, because Italian homebrew developer ccpspita‘s handed down new improvements for the previous version’s content. Sony PlayStation Portables running the latest version of the MyVoice (a.k.a. MyTalk) module will notice that the voice has changed. But perhaps the most significant change for this release is the individual packaging of MyPSP Robotics’ modules so PSP Fat owners can test them as well.

So aside from the complete package, MyEye, MiAI, MyVVoIP, MyTalk, and even their constituent libraries (OpenMIND, SIFT, GOCR, etc.) are neatly wrapped for part-by-part testing on the PSP-1000. But some modules are simply too memory hungry despite efforts to shrink their memory footprints, so be careful when loading up MyEye or MyTalk for heavy duty testing in a 32 MB operating environment.

For owners of the PSP Slim & Lite, however, there’s a lot more functionality headed their way. First, MyVVoIP may now be tested at full duplex capability (with video) from one PSP unit to another PSP unit. Be aware that it’s still in beta though and will be a bit unstable sometimes. MyEye should now also be fully functional, but you’ll have to retrain the AI for image recognition.

The download provided below carries both the Slim and Fat versions of the release, so it sits at a hefty 25 MB download. The separate Fat modules are hidden inside EBOOT folders, and you’ll need to follow the included instructions to the letter to get them working.

You will also note that MyTalk is essentially separated from the rest of the modules (it’s seated next to the complete MyPSP EBOOT), giving you a clue as to its recommended operating environment. Be reminded that when renaming, it’s good to keep tabs of what you just renamed to EBOOT.PBP and sent over to a separate EBOOT directory.

Good bug hunting! Thanks to the author, ccpspita, for tipping us on this release. Oh and the voice synthesis – it’s just priceless. We’ll be having tons of fun with this.

Download: MyPSP Robotics v5.2.1 – with modules for PSP Fat

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