Naruto: Ninja Destiny goes gold

Tomy and D3Publisher Of America's Naruto: Ninja Destiny goes gold - Image 1Tomy and D3Publisher of America have just announced that they will be releasing Naruto: Ninja Destiny for the Nintendo DS this month.

For this title, players will have the chance to battle it out with characters from the famous anime franchise. Check out the details after the jump!

Tomy and D3Publisher Of America's Naruto: Ninja Destiny goes gold - Image 1Fans of the Naruto anime franchise better jump for joy because Tomy and D3Publisher Of America (D3PA) have finally announced the release date for the Naruto: Ninja Destiny which is on February 26, 2008.

This title will feature scenes, characters and storylines up to the 140th episode of the hit animated TV series. Players will be able to enjoy the incredible 3D ninja combat to the portable console by Nintendo.

The game will use both screens to increase the gameplay experience for the gamers. With dual screens, players will see battles take shape with the top screen while the bottom screen can be used for special power-ups.

Players can use 16 different characters featured in the game as well as powerful jutsu and items in order to achieve victory. gamers will have to option to choose from three modes, the single-player story, versus mode, and wireless two-player battle.

This is definitely something fans should watch out for. In a few weeks you’ll be able to grab a copy of the game.

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