NCSoft implements population cap on City of Heroes’ Freedom server

NCSoft's City of Heroes MMORPG - Image 1Lighthouse, NCSoft Community Relations Manager for City of Heroes, recently announced that the Freedom server has reached an all time population high. As a result, a server cap has been implemented to avoid any instability or crashes that may occur due to too many heroes running around on the server. To find out more about the new population cap placed on Freedom, read the full article.

NCSoft's City of Heroes MMORPG - Image 1 

Apparently the Freedom server of NCSoft‘s City of Heroes is packing more super-powered entities than your average comic book title. Lighthouse, Community Relations Manager of CoH, announced that the said server has finally reached a record high in terms of population and will no longer allow players to log into it past the specified server cap number.

Lighthouse explained that rather than allow the player count for the server to continue rising, they decided to lock it for the time being. This was to avoid any instability or crashing on Freedom, which may ultimately impact everyone’s gaming experience in a worst case scenario.

On the other hand, he noted that the server is still doing well despite the peak number of players participating on it. The performance of Freedom today surpasses even those times when promos such as the Double XP and other special events were implemented across CoH and CoV.

In any case, we’ll just have to see if NCSoft plans to implement any fixes to help keep the server numbers more manageable in the near future.

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