NEO Spring Coding Contest 2008: DiceSoldiers

NEO Spring Coding Contest 2008: DiceSoldiers - Image 1This year’s NEO Spring Coding Contest gets a new entry as developer t4ils releases DiceSoldiers for the DS platform. This homebrew game is styled after the popular Risk board game, and can accommodate up to four players. More details are available in the full article.

Download: DiceSoldiers

NEO Spring Contest homebrew entry: DiceSoldiers - Image 1Developer t4ils from France is announcing the release of DiceSoldiers, a homebrew game being prepped as an entry for this year’s Neo Spring Coding Contest. This DS game plays very much like the Risk board game, where your goal is to conquer the world.

The game supports up to four players, which can be either computer AIs or human opponents. That means you and up to three other aspiring megalomaniacs can share in the dice-rolling fun.

The game mechanics are pretty simple: When you choose to invade an enemy territory, both you and your opponent will roll a d6 die: One for the attacker, and one for the defender. The higher roller will win the territory, although the defender will win by default in the event of a draw.

The full gameplay mechanics are available over in the file bundle’s readme. Enjoy the download, and be sure to keep a lookout in case we run into the other NeoFlash competition entries.

Download: DiceSoldiers

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