NeoFlash Spring Compo 2008 entry: Sushi Rubik v1.2

Rubik cube - Image 1This is the reason why we love NeoFlash Coding Competitions: the steady stream of good homebrew gaming and application goodness. We already had the nifty MS-DOS-style file browser for the DS, and now we have a virtual Rubik’s Cube program for the PSP that is crammed with nice features. More details in the full article! 

Download: Sushi Rubik v1.2

Sushi Rubik TeamSushi - Image 1 

We’ve been getting an ample release of good homebrew applications and games recently, and its all thanks to the current NEO Compo 2008 event. Recently we had a cool MS-DOS-style file browser for the DS, and this time we have Sushi Rubik, a virtual Rubik’s Cube game for the PlayStation Portable.

Aside from the usual cube-twisting action, homebrew developing team teamsushi’s Sushi Rubik offers a lot of other features, enumerated below:

  • 3x3x3 classic Rubik’s Cube simulator
  • default controls can update all but back face without rotating, with two alternate sets of controls.
  • undo/redo all moves
  • save/load current cube in progress
  • timed challenge from a scrambled cube, and freestyle solving modes
  • recorded high scores for timed challenge, compare with your best time
  • beginners solution style autosolve
  • 4 visualizations of cube state for a background
  • estimate of moves remaining for a beginner’s solution
  • animated rotations
  • works in French or English

If you want to get straightforward Rubik’s Cube gameplay for your PSP without the bulky cube, then go ahead and pick up the game from the download link below. Make sure to go over the readme file first before attempting to install the game. Enjoy!

Download: Sushi Rubik v1.2

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