New Dissidia FF trailer: Onion Knight vs Cloud of Darkness battle gameplay

PSP - Dissidia: Final Fantasy - Square Enix - Image 1 Guess who’s a happy camper today? The Onion Knight and Cloud of Darkness are back (and this time, you can see for sure that it really isn’t her nipple)! A new video has been updated to the official Dissidia: Final Fantasy website, showing the gameplay footage they screened at their DKS3713 private party. Check out the nipple-less battle gameplay video in the full article.

Gino D. is a happy blogger today. Woot! A very happy blogger indeed. A new trailer for Dissida: Final Fantasy has been updated to Square Enix‘s official website for the PSP game. The trailer actually comes from the DKS3713 event earlier this month, and since, chances are, you (like myself) weren’t able to see any footage from their closed theater, now’s the chance.

This gameplay trailer shows the Onion Knight battling it out with the Cloud of Darkness. What’s cool is that they actually retained the boss music (enhanced and digitally mastered now, of course) from the original Final Fantasy 3 release.

And get a load of that! There’s a part in the video that shows EX Mode in which the real-time battle system gets interrupted and reverts back to the original FF3 battle system, with the blue menu and all! Sweet. If any of you have played the original game (or its DS remake), you might also notice that the Cloud of Darkness keeps her original pose from her FF3 sprite. Nice touch.

You now have two options. You can go to the Dissidia website through the Via link below (click the “Movie” tab at the bottom, and then click the thumbnail image that appears)…. Or if you just can’t wait, just watch the embed right here!

(See! I told you it wasn’t a nipple!)

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