New Okami video shows Amaterasu on 16:9 goodness

Okami for the Wii on 16:9 widescreen format - Image 1As previously announced, Okami for the Wii would be running on 16:9 widescreen format. What we’ve got for you today is proof of that statement, showing the game playing perfectly on the format. Find the video after the jump!

Sometimes, there are things that the eye can’t really perceive just by seeing. For instance, we know Okami is an awesome game, and we also know that it’s coming in 16:9 widescreen format, as Ready at Dawn stated previously. However, it’s rare for us to see footage of the game running at the said format.

Wonder no more, for the wonders of YouTube have produced a video of the game running on 16:9. Since YouTube isn’t exactly very friendly to pretty videos, you can expect the awesomeness of the video to be diluted with low quality, but it does serve as proof: the game is coming, and it’ll be a wonder (and a sight) to behold. Enjoy the video!

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