New PSN title NovaStrike listed on ESRB website

Tiki Games' NovaStrike post on ESRB (PSN title) - Image 1 News of a new PlayStation Network video game hit the internet waves earlier. It’s called NovaStrike, and it comes from the same developers who are developing the mecha RTS for the Sony PlayStation Portable Galaxy‘s End. Interested about the newest ESRB find? Check out the full article by clicking the link below.

Tiki Games' NovaStrike post on ESRB (PSN title) - Image 1

We all know that everybody has his own means of getting the scoop on upcoming games and well, they who troll the ESRB (Entertainment Software Rating Board) website have apparently stumbled upon an upcoming PlayStation Network title called NovaStrike from Tiki Games (makers of the mecha title Galaxy’s End for the PlayStation Portable).

Judging from the ESRB website, NovaStrike contains mild fantasy violence and mild suggestive themes. It’s tagged for the Sony PlayStation 3 and sports a E10+ rating. After some more digging, we found that the said game is an entry for this year’s Independent Game Festival (IGF) and features “free-roaming top-down arcade shooter” gameplay.

Players get to take the prototype Scythe fighter into battles against ground-based and airborne opponents. Of course, you’ll get to go up against capital ships and bosses. According to the information on the IGF website, the Scythe will feature weapon upgrades to aid in doing away with the alien hordes. NovaStrike will feature two modes: Campaign and Arcade.

Hold on to your hats, this discovery on the ESRB website is going to be available on the PlayStation Network early this year. We’ll try to dig up more information on NovaStrike, so stay tuned.

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