New screenshots for Okami: Amaterasu and more

Okami - Image 1Can’t wait to see more of Capcom and Ready at Dawn Studios’ Okami for the Wii? Well, you’re in luck. We were able to get hold of some screenshots of the game that show off some of the more striking scenes of this upcoming port. Head on over to the full article to see them for yourself.

Okami - Image 1 Okami - Image 2 

When we first heard that Capcom and Ready at Dawn Studios were planning to port Okami to the Wii, we thought that it would be awesome. Well, after seeing a few of the screenshots for the game, we’re happy to report that this title has potential.

If you weren’t lucky enough to pick up this game when it first came out on the PS2, players are put into the shoes of Amaterasu, a goddess who has to restore beauty to the land by using the powers of the Celestial Brush.

However, we believe that you didn’t fail to notice that the screenshots carry black bars at the side, confirming the 16:9 mode = 4:3 Mode for the game. Anyway, we’re pretty sure that you didn’t come here to hear us harp about Okami but to check out the screenshots for yourself. So here they are, enjoy.

Wii Okami - Image 1 Wii Okami - Image 2 Wii Okami - Image 3 Wii Okami - Image 4

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