New Xbox 360 motion-sensing controller patent details, sketch emerge

Xbox logo - Image 1Juicy details are overflowing to incite speculations on what motion-sensing controller Microsoft has in store for the Xbox 360. This time, there’s an actual patent and an image of the rumored device to base on. See them all at the full article.

Microsoft Xbox 360 motion-sensing controller? - Image 1 

More solid details have surfaced to further support rumors of Microsoft working on a motion-sensing controller for the Xbox 360 to challenge the Nintendo Wii. Microsoft‘s patent filing for a “wearable computer pointing device” was unearthed, and a supposedly real image of the platform holder’s Wiimote-esque controller in the works has been revealed.

To kick things off, Microsoft’s patent application allegedly filed back in 2006 was published on the United States Patent and Trademark Office a few days ago. Now, TeamXbox reports it’s able to reveal more insider information because the patent is already public.

What you see above is said to be the device Microsoft has been working on for the past two years. TeamXbox claims Microsoft R&D is developing it together with “next-generation vision-based recognition” technology.

Interesting enough, while previous rumors say the mystery Xbox 360 controller is codenamed “Newton,” TeamXbox named the image file “Einstein Prototype.” It’s also worth noting that the pistol grip-shaped device is different from the Newton sketch we saw which almost looks identical to the Wii Remote.

The two models do share similarities, since both have four buttons and an analog stick. However, according to Teamxbox’s version of the controller in question, the stick is located on top and replaceable by a trackball. Microsoft also reportedly wants its gadget to have the functionality of Wiimote and Nunchuk combined.

Via TeamXbox

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