New York Comic Con 2008: Epic’s Capps on Maria, free DLC for Gears of War 2

Gears of War 2 - Image 1 A few days back it was still unclear whether Gears of War 2 will really makes its way or not to New York Comic Con 2008, but Epic Games has made sure it was worth the anxiety. Speaking in a panel, Epic Games Vice President Michael Capps and writer Joshua Ortega gave us a few more fresh details about the upcoming title. More on Gears of War 2 after the jump.

Gears of War 2 - Image 1Reports have it that Epic Games just might not show Gears of War 2 at New York Comic-Con 2008. Well, actual game footage will not arrive until May and a demo isn’t even planned. However, Epic Games Vice President Michael Capps and writer Joshua Ortega were on hand to bring us more fresh details.

Speaking in a panel, Capps and Ortega informed everyone that chainsaw dueling is indeed coming. But we already know that. What may be more interesting is the confirmation of a new “hot chick.”

This new character is Maria, who – if you can remember – is Dominic Santiago’s wife. Capps explains that since Dom is “humanity’s last stand,” Epic wanted to bring more human interest into GoW 2‘s storyline. Maria will fill that role, says Capps.

Even the alien enemy Locust Horde will take part in this human-interest approach. They will be more “sympathetic” because of their new voice, says Capps, but they can’t be too lovable as they are the enemies after all.

Here’s something to keep you excited further. Capps is against charging for additional post-game content. We hope it stays that way so we can expect free downloadable content for Gears of War 2 in the future.

Read more about the New York Comic Con 2008 panel thoughts of Capps and Ortega on the importance of graphics, the black stereotype on Cole Train, the Gears of War movie and the bonus round for the PC version of the first GoW over at the via link.

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