NIGathan’s Shootuh v1.0: PSP Homebrew Idol Competition 2008 entry

Nigathan Shootuh Nigathan - Image 1If you like shooting games with incredibly noisy visuals, then you may want to check out NIGathan‘s homebrewed game, NIGathan Shootuh for the the PSP (previous version here). Beefed up with a lot of improvements and new features, this shooter is also prepped up for the PSP Hack’s Homebrew Idol competition.

Download: NIGathan Shootuh v1.0

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Homebrew developer NIGathan is back with the psychedelic shooter NIGathan Shootuh (previous version here), and this time the ‘brewed game is spruced up with a ton of tweaks and new features for the PSP Hack’s Homebrew Idol competition.

What kind of new additions? Well, if you liked the insane spinning background in the previous beta version, then you’ll love the new Epileptic Paradise mode in the latest update. What else is new with NIGathan’s shooter? Do refer to the lengthy changelog below. Grab some eats while you’re at it, it’s quite the nice, long read:

  • Added many graphical enhancements to make the game look and feel better.
  • Added a fully functional SFX menu, with sfx/music volume settings and more.
  • Added a fully functional cheat menu.
  • Added Epileptic Paradise mode under cheats. WARNING! MAY CAUSE SEIZURES!… But most likely wont
  • Added Rapid Fire mode under cheats.
  • Added Insane mode under cheats.
  • Added a shoot delay for the shooting system which decreases as your kill streak increases, by the time it reaches 10 you will have full rapid fire.
  • Added extra difficulty and displayed the difficulty level on screen.
  • Added animations for the slowmo meter.
  • Increased randomness for the random enemy spawner.
  • Revised difficulty system.
  • Added more effect to lives when you die, now the next life will fly towards you when you lose a life.
  • Changed what happens to your ship when you die from flashing on and off to decreasing alpha levels.
  • Added an intro.
  • Added a start screen where you see the game being played by an AI controlled player.
  • Added graphical effects for when the song changes.
  • Added a difficulty checkpoint system, which allows you to only lose a percentage of your difficulty level depending on your current difficulty level.
  • Added a loading screen.
  • Added explosions for enemies.
  • Added SFX for shooting.
  • Created a new targeting system, now you actually see which enemy is being targeted and you can switch targets by pressing Circle.
  • Fixed bug causing targeting to not work when two enemies have the same x positions.
  • Added an options menu with the following options:
  • Brightness setting.
  • change speed of the spinning background.
  • Pause music while game is paused or adjust volume.
  • Added a config file that saves all your settings and highscores.
  • Added a highscore system, and menu.
  • Rewrote random enemy spawner. So now instead of it being random half the time and the other half based on your location, it has four different random choices and it randomly chooses one each time an enemy is spawned.
  • Added new background effects. As you play and the difficulty increases the background may saturate itself or fade out leaving a motion trail like effect toeverything on screen, then return to its normal state. I say it may happen because theres a two out of three chance that it wont.
  • Added support for the joystick.
  • Added credits.
  • Added controls menu with three different control varients and the ability to enable/disable joystick.
  • Added an actual pause menu instead of just a screen.
  • Added/fixed the following powerups:
  • Slowmo up.
  • Temp hyper speed.
  • Three bullet protective shield.
  • Temp super homing.
  • Fixed other various bugs.

If you want to get a quick peek of the game before you download it, you can do so with the video embed below. Once you’re ready to install the game, be sure to go over the installation notes in the readme file included below.

Download: NIGathan Shootuh v1.0

Via PSP-Hacks

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