Nikwi Deluxe v1.0 – new features, optimizations

PSP homebrew game info and download: Nikwi - Image 1A new version is out for Nikwi Deluxe, the quirky homebrew game submitted by developer deniska for the Neoflash Spring Compo. This new build has a new level password feature, music tracks, along with other improvements. Check out all of the updates by following the “read more” link below.

Download: Nikwi Deluxe v1.0

PSP homebrew game info and download: Nikwi - Image 1 PSP homebrew game info and download: Nikwi - Image 2 

PSP homebrew developer Deniska has released a new version of Nikwi Deluxe. If you’re not familiar with the game, it’s a cute and quirky platformer, and was deniska’s official entry in the Neoflash Spring Compo 2008.

In the homebrew game, you play a 9-year-old boy named Nikwi and guide him in a world of candies (told you it was quirky). You have to go through 30 candy-filled levels, avoiding monsters as you munch your way around.

Users are reminded to go through the readme before installing the program. Here is the changelog for Nikwi Deluxe v1.0:

  • Added password selection screen (press [triangle] on password entry screen);
    • New passwords are saved as the player progresses through the game.
  • Added music tracks
  • Converted FX to use SDL_mixer (faster startup)
  • Misc PSP-specific optimizations

Download: Nikwi Deluxe v1.0

Via DCEmu

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