Nine Inch Nails rocks Rock Band PSN & XBL

Rock Band - Image 1Who’s checking in at Rock Band this week of February 26? Why, Nine Inch Nails, of course (you gotta say it oh so casually to give it that cool effect). Interested to find out what tunes you’ll be rocking to and for how much DL money? Head on over to the full article for the deets.

Nine Inch Nails - Image 1Rock Band (PS3, Xbox 360) certainly is proving to everyone why it rocks. With the current lineup of downloadable featured bands, there is no question that MTV Games and Harmonix sure gave a lot of thought on how to keep your amps pumping.

This time around, the featured artist for the week of February 26 is Nine Inch Nails. This alternative/industrial rock band from Cleveland, Ohio, formed in 1988, has sold over twenty million albums worldwide. That’s street cred right there, folks.

Anyhow, gracing Rock Band would be their songs “March of the Pigs,” “The Collector,” and “The Perfect Drug.” For those holding on to an Xbox 360 copy of the game, you’ll need US$ 5.49 (440 MS Points) to get it as a pack. If you wanna get it individually, though, it’s gonna cost you US$ 1.99 (160 MS Points).

You can expect this swell band to land on your Xbox Live Marketplace and PlayStation Network by next week, so round up your bandmates and start up your soundcheck.

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