Ninja Gaiden 2: in-game cinematics

Ninja Gaiden II: Video game cinematics - Image 1Ryu Hayabusa has his work cut out for him in Ninja Gaiden 2 as everyone seems to want to kill him. Watch the game’s many villains do their evil “kill him” speeches in the full article.

You know how villains tend to go on and on before a battle instead of just getting it on? The villains in Ninja Gaiden 2 are no different. Considering how ninjas are supposed to be fleet of foot and fast as death, you’d think they’d just shut up and fight already.

Here are new cinematics from the game, featuring villains that are probably better with their mouths than their swords. Also in the cinematics are some of the Greater Fiends that you will be fighting in the game. Being greater than others, they also talk more.

Check out the vids below. The first one features Joe Hayabusa, Ryu’s father. Ninja Gaiden 2 comes out on May 20 in the US, and on June 6 for Europe.

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