Nintendo and AM3 announces download service for DS

DSvision cart - Image 1The Nintendo DS finally gets its share of the downloadable content market pie, now that Nintendo officially licensing AM3’s DSvision, a service that aims to provide comics, movies, music and other downloadable media. The interesting bit? It uses a flash system that is very similar to the R4, CycloDS, and M3 Simply. Details in the full article.

DSvision card reader - Image 1Finally, Nintendo’s widely-popular handheld gets some downloadable content love. AM3 has developed DSVision, a download service that aims to provide DS gamers with various media such as videos, comics, and music for use on the DS.

The most remarkable thing about this service is that it uses a cartridge/microSD system that is very similar to the R4 and CycloDS adapter cartridges. The DSvision service and product is fully licensed by Nintendo.

The DSvision kit will include a microSD adapter cartridge, a 512 MB MicroSD flash card, and a USB reader. The set will cost about 3980 Yen, or about US$ 36. Currently aimed at Japan, the DSvision service may hopefully take off to other regions if it proves to be successful.

AM3 will test the service beginning on January next year.

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