Nintendo announces first eight WiiWare titles for Europe

Logo of Nintendo Wii console - Image 1Nintendo of Europe recently announced the first eight WiiWare titles that gamers will eventually see on the downloadable game service once it arrives this May 20. The European WiiWare title selection will vary slightly with its North American counterpart, although titles like LostWinds and Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: My Life as a King will also be available in both regions. You can view the short list of WiiWare titles in our full article.

WiiWare downloadable game service from Nintendo - Image 1 

With the early arrival of the Nintendo Channel in North America, it seems like Europe will finally be getting its fair share of WiiWare loving as Nintendo recently announced some of the titles which will available to the service from May 20 and onwards.

While not all of these eight titles will be available upon WiiWare’s initial launch date, Nintendo assured everyone that all the games will eventually be purchasable through the Wii Shop Channel.

Yesterday’s official launch date of the US WiiWare service featured six different titles, including the much awaited Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: My Life as a King from Square Enix and LostWinds from Frontier. In addition to these two titles, the European WiiWare line-up will include a slightly different selection of titles compared to its North American counterpart.

Anyway, here’s the upcoming line-up for the European WiiWare and their corresponding prices:

  • Dr. Mario & Germ Buster (Nintendo) – 1000 Wii Points (£7.00 / €10.00)
  • Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: My Life as a King (Square Enix) – 1500 Wii Points (£10.50 / €15.00)
  • LostWinds (Frontier) – 1000 Wii Points (£7.00 / €10.00)
  • Pirates: The Key of Dreams (Oxygen)
  • Pop (Nnooo) – 700 Wii Points (£5.00 / €7.00)
  • Star Soldier R (Hudson) – 800 Wii Points (£7.00 / €10.00)
  • Toki Tori (Two Tribes)
  • TV Show King (Gameloft) – 1000 Wii Points (£7.00 / €10.00)

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