Nintendo DS Lite getting two new colors?

Nintendo DS - Image 1Getting bored with your current Nintendo DS Lite? Think that your Crimson/Red is starting to become a bit too “blah” for you? You can always buy a new DS Lite with a different color, and there are two new DS colors rumored to be added to the rainbow of DS Lites already in the market. Check the colors out in the full article.

new Nintendo DS - Image 1

Are you one of those avid collectors of special edition handhelds, who have more than three Nintendo DS Lites in possession (yes, there are people like that)? If yes, then you can set your sights on these colors rumored to join the rainbow of units that make up the Nintendo DS line-up: a deep red and a lime-y green.

These colors seem to be the like-it-or-hate-it type, but they’re definite eye-catchers with their loud colors. The images of these two rumored DS Lite colors appeared on GAME, one of the world’s largest gaming retail sites, making this rumor seem like a legitimate one. Well, like it or hate it, a couple of new colors for the Nintendo DS certainly wouldn’t hurt.

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