Nintendo encourages families to play Wii and win prizes

Wii are a family - Image 1 While the Nintendo Wii is more of a family-friendly console, it would seem that some families need more of a nudge in order to get into the game. Which is why Nintendo of Canada has set up their “Get Up and Play” website to encourage and support Wii family-oriented gaming. And Nintendo of Canada has added a potpourri of features to insure that the family that plays together, stays together.

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A fit family with the Wii Fit game by Nintendo - Image 1Nintendo of Canada has been encouraging Canadian families to play Wii games together on Nintendo’s new “Get Up and Play” website. In the name of fostering family gaming fun, the Get Up and Play website features a potpourri of features and prizes aimed at keeping both their bodies and their relationships with one another as fit as a fiddle.

Nintendo’s Get Up and Play site includes a game information system, tips, party ideas and recipes. Gaming families may also send invites to friends and neighbors and challenge them to a night of Wii gaming. The biggest come-on, however, is the chance for families to win a trip to the Whistler Blackcomb resort with all the trimmings thrown in: group ski and snowboard lessons, free lift passes, airfare and pocket money, and (ironically) a Wii console and a library of games to go with Nintendo’s console.

While the website is currently targeting Canadians, there doesn’t appear to be any real restriction for families of other nationalities. The only real restriction facing interested families, perhaps, is how to get a Nintendo Wii before supplies run out during the holiday season.

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