Nintendo of Europe warns users about third-party chargers

Nintendo logo - Image 1Now that Nintendo is finally alerted about the sudden flood of third-party chargers that haven’t been officially approved for use in the UK, the company has sent out a press release warning consumers about the dangers posed by using these untested handheld accessories. More details in the full article.

Charger - Image 1Alarmed with the proliferation of third-party power supplies for the DS handheld, Nintendo finally sent out a press release warning consumers about the dangers of using third-party DS chargers.

There is also the possibility of chargers being swapped with third-party products upon importing DS consoles from countries outside the European Economic Area, which also poses a risk.

Some Nintendo DS users in Europe may have imported their handhelds for many reasons, which include wanting to get their DS units in colors only available outside the continent, or limited-edition consoles. In any case, many of these imported DS handhelds are manufactured for electrical systems different from the UK system, and may need the use of third-party power supplies for them to work.

And here lies the risk: some people may not be aware that the chargers for their imported consoles have been swapped with third-party counterparts for them to work in the UK electrical system, often without their knowledge.

While it may look like a courtesy at first glance, consumers should be aware that any defects or damages that arise from the use of third-party accessories not sanctioned by Nintendo will not be covered under warranty.

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