Nintendo Power: Wii Wheel costs only US$ 10

Mario Kart Wii Wheel - Image 1Many gamers reacted negatively upon hearing about GameStop’s pre-order price for an extra Wii Wheel accessory: US$ 15. But here’s something that you should know: a Nintendo print ad explicitly states that the MSRP of the Wii Wheel is only US$ 9.99. More details in the full article.

Mario Kart Nintendo Power scan - Image 1

Those who reacted strongly to the Wii Wheel’s GameStop pre-order cost will now have a reason to go ballistic over the Nintendo Wii accessory: a scan of a Nintendo Power page indicates that the Wii Wheel actually has an MSRP of only US$ 10.

The scan, provided for by a GoNintendo reader, was apparently taken from a Mario Kart Wii promo printed in the Nintendo Power magazine, which explicitly states: “ Wii Wheel (of which the MSRP is US$ 9.99 each).”

So why the US$ 5 increase on the Wii Wheels being sold by GameStop? There is no word about it yet, but at least you’ll know where you want to buy your extra Wii Wheel accessory. You’ll need to do so, if you want to enjoy Nintendo’s fun Mario Kart Wii racing game at its fullest with your entire posse.

Scan courtesy of GoNintendo!

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