Nintendo to banner Wii Fit, Super Smash Bros. Brawl, Wii Menu at GDC 2008

Super Smash Bros. Brawl - Image 1Nintendo has built a reputation of letting its wares speak for themselves, but at this year’s Game Developers Conference, some of its best creative talents will take center stage to talk about how they came up with the software that are powering the hot-selling Wii. Find out who’ll be flying to San Francisco from Kyoto to talk about Super Smash Bros. BrawlWii Fit, and more when you read the full article.

Wii Menu - Image 1In the latest Game Developers Conference (GDC) news, we’ve received word that today’s industry hotshot Nintendo will field in some of its top creative minds to speak at the event.

Wii Fit project head Takao Sawano, Super Smash Bros. series developer Masahiro Sakurai and Wii Menu chief Takashi Aoyama will all be flying to San Francisco to share what they’ve done to create the latest gaming juggernauts.

Aoyama will tee off with how his team created the now famous interface of the Nintendo Wii game console characterized by channels and non-gaming online extras. Their approach, which has proven friendly to users of all ages, is credited as a big factor in the Wii’s success.

In a talk titled “Wii Fit Creating a Brand New Interface for the Home Console”, Sawano will let the public in on what went on behind the scenes of Nintendo’s latest hit. The Wii Fit software works in tandem with the Balance Board peripheral to simulate yoga and pilates workouts. The combination has taken Japan by storm, selling more than a million units in less than a month.

Lastly, there’s Sakurai who will talk about his experience in developing a game series with an all-star cast and how he and his team were successful in blending all the big elements for a cohesive and addictive fighting game. Super Smash Bros. Brawl may be a little late, but that doesn’t make this talk any less appealing.

It’s certainly going to be another big ball over at the Moscone Center next month as star game makers descend in one venue to talk about the state of their craft. Watch out for our GDC coverage because we’ll follow it every step of the way.

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