No More Heroes features a comic book-style manual

No More Heroes - Image 1We just can’t help but think that No More Heroes may be just one of the most original games around: in a touch of mad genius, Grasshopper Manufacture decided to make a comic book-style instruction manual. Images in the full article!

No More Heroes - Image 1As it turns out, Grasshopper Manufacture‘s No More Heroes has yet another stroke of original genius other than toilet save points: the comic book instruction manual. The game’s instruction booklet is cleverly made out to look like a comic book, so gamers who normally don’t plow through the usually dry and boring manuals are enticed into poring over every page.

Since No More Heroes is out only in Japan for now (with North American and European versions following soon), the scans of the instruction manual are in Japanese. We just hope that the localized versions of the game will also carry over the same awesome comic book manuals.

No More Heroes - Image 1 No More Heroes - Image 2 

Scans courtesy of Siliconera!

Via Siliconera

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