No more worries for No More Heroes

No More Heroes - Image 1Did hearing about Suda 51‘s now infamous toilet paper freebie incident over the Japanese No More Heroes launch wrench your fanboy heart? No more tears, Touchdown followers! The game is actually doing great in the U.S., and more good news is expected once it hits Europe. More in the full article.

No More Heroes - Image 1If you’re among the many Suda 51 (Goichi Suda) fans who felt bad about No More Heroes not doing well in its native Japan, here’s something to give you some comfort. The Nintendo Wii exclusive is doing very well in North America and similar results are expected when the game hits Europe.

Forget the whole toilet paper freebie incident in Akibahara that was popularized on the internet. No More Heroes has shipped over 200,000 copies in North America and sold half of it since its recent launch. Stocks are projected to sell out in a matter of weeks.

This gives publisher Ubisoft and the rest of Suda 51’s happy crew over at Grasshopper Manufacture plenty of reasons to be optimistic about PAL territories. The latest estimates reflect that launch sales should hit somewhere in the neighborhood of 160,000.

No More Heroes is a sandbox-style game starring young protagonist Travis Touchdown who wins a beam katana in an internet raffle. With the deadly weapon, he sets out on a run to become the world’s greatest assassin. The title has been reviewed by most Western game publications and is generally recognized as one of the Wii’s top titles.


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