No$gba v2.6 – now with 3D rendering

NoGba screenshot - Image 1Martin’s No$gba finally received an update that adds 3D rendering software to the nifty emulator. Running Nintendo DS and Gameboy Advance games on PC should now be easier with proper 3D capabilities included in No$gba version 2.6. Head over to the full article for details.

Download: No$gba v2.6

Nintendo DS - Image 1German developer Martin just updated his No$gba freeware application for the PC that allows emulation of Nintendo Gameboy Advance and Nintendo DS. Game developers and those who just want to play the handhelds on their computers should be delighted to find out that No$gba version 2.6 has 3D software rendering.

Previous builds of No$gba used simple 3D video functions, but this time, the app can now render 3D twice as fast as OpenGL. Other features remain intact, so you can check out all the changes listed on Martin’s official website. For easy installation, don’t forget to go over the Readme file that comes with the download.

Download: No$gba v2.6

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