Not so nice: parents play Xbox 360 gift packaging prank

Microsoft Xbox 360 - Image 1People play pranks to get their own enjoyment at the expense of others, but oftentimes it gets a little too far. In this video, a young boy was given a Christmas gift: an Xbox 360. Only the box, however. Imagine how he felt when he found out that the Xbox 360 packaging contained only winter clothes. Witness the pain in the full article.

If you’re looking for a prank that makes a lasting impression, you may want to take a cue from this family. Jonathan, a kid who apparently wanted an Xbox 360 for Christmas, was handed his Christmas gift by his parents: an Xbox 360…box. Thinking that the prized console lay waiting inside the packaging, Jonathan opened the Xbox 360 box only to find winter clothing stuffed inside.

Shocked and dejected, the boy was pushed into tears. Several people who watched the video footage of the prank sympathized with Jonathan, and even tech site Engadget offered to give him a console. However, it should be noted that the video description in Youtube somehow hints that he got the Xbox 360 in the end. We’ll never really know for sure, as the confirmation video promised never went up.

Check out the video below to witness this particularly nasty prank.

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