Now available at GameStop: The PlayStation Network card

GameStop - Image 1With all the stuff coming to the PSN lately, Sony makes things easier once again – easier for us to spend, and easier for them to make some dough. We’ve just had the PlayStation Credit Card out recently, and now we have the PSN Card on GameStop.

PSN Card - Image 1 Make your holiday spending easier and more manageable – get your US$ 20 PlayStation Network card on GameStop. This thing’ll help you restrain yourself from spending more than you’re supposed to allot for games. Now you have another way to enjoy all the PlayStation goodness on PSN without running the risk of overspending. Unless of course, you just got your PlayStation Credit Card and you want to earn some more points.

US$ 20 is actually a lot to spend already in the PlayStation Store. You can get movies and DLC with just one card, so go on ahead and try it, it’s the season for spending anyway.

The other, better PlayStation Card:

Via GameStop

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