NVIDIA’s Rob Taylor: PC exclusives have no future

NVIDIA's Rob Taylor: PC exclusives have no future - Image 1Who said what? We heard that Rob Taylor, NVIDIA‘s vice president in charge of content relations, let loose some brash words that would cleave a PC gamer‘s heart in two. Well, at least we think it would have, if we already didn’t consider the idea that game developers need to make money, too. We know that NVIDIA is one of the major players of the PC Gaming Alliance, so why drive the knife to the hilt? Read more to find out what point the rather outspoken VP is trying to drive at.

NVIDIA's Rob Taylor: PC exclusives have no future - Image 1 

In a recent interview with Eurogamer, NVIDIA‘s Rob Taylor responded to issues regarding the value of developing games for the PC and stated that as soon as a developer has his choices laid out for him, he couldn’t turn away from consoles. This is why, according to him, “no-one is going to make a PC-exclusive game in the future.”

So would that be a reason to say consoles are killing the PC? Taylor thinks not and said, “Consoles don’t threaten PC gaming. They’re just different. Adapting to that and understanding that is what I think is really, really important.”  He said that it would be the exclusives that will disappear, but not the games.

“What we’re seeing happen is that, yes, people are developing for Xbox 360, for PS3 – but they’re also developing for PC,” he explained. But to many, a PC port doesn’t necessarily draw excitement from the gaming populace.

This was simply because most ports are based off on baselines tendered to low powered PCs. The quality of the game in the end suffers, but Taylor foresees a time that PC games will soon be the upper bar.

To him, the PC game will be the version continuing to push the envelope of gaming in technology, content, and features, while the console versions provide the baseline. Mass Effect, Gears of War for Windows, and Assassin’s Creed all have improved versions shipped to PCs, though most of these were met with technical problems. Still he mused, “The PC version was better.”

But when will the PC exclusives begin dying? Not in the near future, we say, since Blizzard still has a couple of aces up it’s sleeves. More on PC gaming as we come by them.

Via Eurogamer

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