OFLC rates Ninja Commando for VC Australia

Logo of Nintendo's Virtual Console service - Image 1Following the vein of many ninja-inspired titles, Alpha Denshi’s Ninja Commando will finally get another chance to step into the spotlight as the Office of Film and Literature Classification recently rated this old-school title, hinting a possible release on the Virtual Console service in Australia. For more information regarding this little tidbit, you can check out our full article after the jump.

Screenshot of Alpha Denshi's Ninja Commando for SNES - Image 1Games about ninjas have always been one of the hottest things back in the olden days of gaming. Take for example Alpha Denshi’s Ninja Commando.

Despite the unintentionally bad grammar written into its translation, it was still one of the more action-packed games about ninja warriors when it first appeared on the SNES and Neo Geo platform.

This old-school video game title has recently been given a PG rating by the Office of Film and Literature Classification (OFLC) in Australia, leading us to believe that it may be getting a release on the Nintendo Virtual Console very soon.

While the main focus of the game stars the unsung ninja heroes of yesteryear, don’t expect the gameplay to resemble Ninja Gaiden or any of the old-school beat ’em up games. Ninja Commando is actually a vertical shooter where you control one of three ninja characters with various projectile weapons to take down the endless stream of opponents.

There’s been no specific date when Ninja Commando will be released on the VC service in Australia, but we’ll be sure to keep an eye out for any new updates when this may happen.

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