Open Transport Tycoon DS now out

Open Transport Tycoon - Image 1Nintendo DS owners are now no longer left out of the Open Transport Tycoon action, now that OpenTTD developers have created a DS port of this nifty simulator (check out the PSP release here). Check out the changelog in the full article!

Download: Open Transport Tycoon DS

Transport Tycoon - Image 1Open Transport Tycoon is finally on the DS (check out the PSP release here), giving us a nice dose of economic simulator love for Nintendo’s handheld.

According to Open Transport Tycoon Deluxe developer dominik81, the game is now running smoothly for the DS, and can load 128×256-sized maps. Here’s the changelog for the DS release of Open Transport Tycoon:

Other notable changes are:

  • based on r11844
  • maps up to 256×128 running (but saving only works for 64×64 right now)
  • saving and loading works
  • in openttd.cfg you can define a path where your data resides
  • loading time greatly reduced from 45 seconds to 15 seconds
  • rewritten the blitter to free 96KB of main RAM

Some serious bugs still remain:

  • pathfinder crashes
  • open road station gui, then click on road depot icon -> crash
  • station gui crashes / not displayed correctly

The download, as always, can be found in the link below. Enjoy!

Download: Open Transport Tycoon DS

Via Transport Tycoon Forums

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