OpenBOR v2.1053 now out

OpenBOR Beats of Rage - Image 1LavaLit and SamuraiX‘s homebrew fighting and action game program OpenBOR for the PSP is finally updated, this time with added new features for the PSP Slim, such as the added 32 Mbytes and a sweet TV Out feature. Check out more details and download OpenBOR v2.1053 in the full article!

Download: OpenBOR v2.1053
Visit: PSP Development Forums

OpenBOR - Image 1 

It’s been a long while since we’ve last heard about LavaLit and homebrew developer SamuraiX‘s OpenBOR (Beats of Rage).  For those who still don’t know what OpenBOR is about, it  lets people create and play their own beat-em-up games.

The last report on OpenBOR’s update covered a quite lengthy changelog. However, for this particular update SamuraiX wasn’t able to list all the bug fixes this time. Here’s the changelog for your reference:

–  Firmware 3.71 M33-3

New Features
– Additional 32 MBytes. (Slim Only)
– TV-Out Support with Overscan control. (Slim Only)
– One Eboot for both fat and slim versions.
– Module folder is not necessary for fat users.
– Enhanced memory management since my last release.

Bug Fixes
– Too many to list

Since this release doesn’t include a Read Me file, we advise users to install and use this program with caution. The download link is below. Have fun!

Download: OpenBOR v2.1053
Visit: PSP Development Forums

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