PaintMIXER v2.2.0 – now with program’s language change option

Paint palette - Image 1There’s a new version for Gefa‘s much appreciated homebrew app, PaintMIXER, and it’s now up to v2.2.0. Several new features have been added, but we think the biggest relief would be the new program’s language change option for those non-Italian. Checking out what else is up at the full article.

Download: PaintMIXER v2.2.0
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PaintMIXER v2.2.0 - Image 1 PaintMIXER v2.2.0 - Image 2 

Gauging from the response of the homebrew community“>homebrew community to Gefa‘s PaintMIXER homebrew application, it is pretty safe to say that you folks enjoyed it immensely. Well the fun just keeps going as he’s now released the latest version, PaintMIXER v2.20.

If this is your first time to encounter this, where the heck were you? it’s basically a drawing application – a clone, if you must – of MSPaint. This release has several added functionalities that’s sure to make you enjoy this app even more. Check out the changelog:

  • Added functionality Triangolo
  • Added functionality Testo, with possibility to change the font
  • Added functionality Irradia
  • Added an option in the ini file, in which it is possible to change the program’s language

Better make sure to check out the readme for more information. Although it’s still in Italian, that shouldn’t be a reason for you to not check it out. Til the next PaintMIXER release then!

Download: PaintMIXER v2.2.0
Discuss: QJ.NET’s PSP Development Forums

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