Paul Wedgwood on bringing PC-level depth to consoles

Paul Wedgwood - Image 1Paul Wedgwood considers it his personal mission to bring more depth to console gaming. With a strong PC gaming background, he knows what he’s doing, and now he wants to do it for the consoles. Read more in the full article.

PC - Image 1Paul Wedgwood is known for his proficiency with PC gaming, but now he wants to bring that skill into console gaming. While PC gaming fans would insist that theirs is the better platform, Wedgwood believes in the future of consoles.

To Paul Wedgwood, it would be his personal mission, rather than a profitable strategy, to accomplish such a task. “We’re at that moment where the PC, PS3, and 360 are aligned in power for the first time in a really long time,” he said. “We can focus on developing technology where we only have to create maps once, a character once, and have them work for all three platforms.”

About the biggest challenge to merge the PC and consoles, he says, is merely the control interface. Imagine trying to micro-manage on a PS3 controller. Right now, Wedgwood sees increasing similarity between consoles and the PC.

Arguably, and this is not to dismiss what people have achieved in the past, but Halo 3 multiplayer is really Quake 3 from 1999. Even Call of Duty 4 (PS3, Xbox 360) is just Counter-Strike on the PC from 2001. So there’s an amazing amount of depth that could be present on consoles.

With the kind of power that consoles have right now, Paul Wedgwood isn’t far from his goal. The intent is both revolutionary and profitable, and I hope to see the titles that he’ll be producing. More on the interview in the source link.

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