Pax 2008 – Savage Moon debuts gameplay video

Savage Moon on PSN - Image 1Tower defense games are such great past times, aren’t they? Sony announced one such title coming to the PlayStation Network just a little while back, Savage Moon, and now we have its first gameplay vid debuting at the PAX 08.

Savage Moon for the PlayStation Network debuted its first ever gameplay video at the ongoing Penny Arcade Expo. For those of you not in the know, Savage Moon is an action-packed tower defense game.

Now I know a lot of you love tower defense games – they can be really addicting. This sci-fi title puts the players up in arms against swarms of space bugs attacking their mining facilities. Don’t like creepy crawlers? Now’s your fat chance to get back at them. Earning points for every bug you kill lets you upgrade your stuff.

Unfortunately, there’s still no word as to when we can expect it to arrive on PSN, but little by little, its shape is starting to form clearly, and we’re fine with that.

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