PC version of UT3 dated in Europe, PS3 version release date unknown

Unreal Tournament III logo - Image 1Midway and Epic Game’s Unreal Tournament III for the PC is now dated for release in Europe on November 23. A European release date for Unreal Tournament III‘s PS3 version of Unreal Tournament III remains unknown, just like the release date for North America.

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Unreal Tournament III - Image 1Unreal Tournament fans in Europe, take heed: the PC version of Midway’s Unreal Tournament III is finally dated to be released on November 23. Like its US counterpart, however, the European release date of Unreal Tournament III PS3 version remains unannounced.

When asked about any hints as to the PS3 version’s release date, the Midway spokesperson said that Epic Games decides on when the game will be launched, and not Midway.

Unreal Tournament III for the PC will be released in the US on November 19, with a PS3 version soon to follow. The game will remain a PS3 exclusive for the meantime before the launch of its Xbox 360 version.

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