Peter Moore on expanding EA Sports outside the video game industry

Peter Moore, President of EA Sports division of Electronic Arts - Image 1Peter Moore definitely has some ambitious plans in store for EA Sports. With all the new changes he’s implemented ever since he took over EA’s sports division last July, he mentions that he plans to make EA Sports a visible brand in the sports industry itself someday. You can find out how he plans to go about doing this by reading the details in the full article.

Logo of EA Sports, sports video game division of Electronic Arts - Image 1When Peter Moore signed up to take the helm of EA Sports several months ago, there was a lot of work to be done for the former Microsoft consultant. He was very much up to the task with all the new changes he’s implemented over the past few months to recover the slowly declining sales of the Electronics Arts sports games division.

A big focus of these changes seem to rely on making EA Sports a visible brand name that everyone can follow. Recently, Moore solidified the license which will continue the EA Sports brand for the NFL video game franchise.

He also struck a partnership with IMG Worldwide Inc., which will focus on exploring the possibility of putting the EA Sports brand on a variety of consumer products and services, from soccer balls to even a children’s tennis camp. IMG Worldwide Inc. is well known for its representing top athlete’s like Tiger Woods and has ties with both the sports management and entertainment industry.

Another top priority that he mentioned was the more casual line up of sports games the company will soon offer. Titles like FaceBreaker (Xbox 360, PS3, Wii) fit into this category perfectly, with its cartoonish animation and the Wii version’s simple yet intuitive controls.

Moore was also apparently looking into the possibility of expanding the EA Sports brand outside of the video game industry and making it an outright sports brand, much like what ESPN did with its own brand of restaurants and a magazine bearing its logo.

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