Peter Moore talks about EA Sports’ image, new acquisitions, more

Peter Moore - Image 1EA Sports can be considered one of the strongest brands in the video game industry. Peter Moore, the president of EA Sports, recently spoke about the image of his company, its current stand on acquisitions, as well as his experiences of working at Electronic Arts as the president of one of their labels. If you’re interested to hear what he had to say, head on over to the full article.

Peter Moore - Image 1EA Sports president Peter Moore can be considered one of the more established personalities in the video game industry. He recently shared a few of his thoughts on the image of EA Sports, company acquisitions, and working at Electronic Arts as the president of one of their labels.

Moore noted that EA Sports has a strong following in the 14 to 34 year old age group, that’s a user base they can build on. He does have some concerns though, such as the company’s image and how its “American-ness” may turn off some gamers:

And yet, in today’s world, particularly in Europe, there’s an anti-Americanism that sits higher than it’s been for a long time, based on the war, the administration, George W. himself, and you worry about that.

Another hot topic Moore touched on was marketing and acquisitions (M&A). Electronic Arts has been trying to buy out Take-Two Interactive. EA also recently got the opportunity to snap up Midway Games.

While he wasn’t at liberty to discuss what they were going to do with 2K Sports if they picked it up, he did share a few words about Midway. He said that EA isn’t really interested in buying the company since they don’t really have anything that will compliment their line-up of games:

While we don’t necessarily comment on any M&A, there’s no real interest there in anything that [they] would have right now that would complement what we go to market with.

Finally, he also spoke about working as the president of EA Sports. He said that it’s the most focused among the EA divisions since the market base is well established. He has an easier position, in his estimation, than the one being held by EA Games’ president Frank Gibeau who has a much wider scope of gamers to please.

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