Pick five free songs for Guitar Hero World Tour upon purchase of the Complete Guitar Game

Free DLC! - Image 1Christmas is the time for freebies, and Activision was all too happy to oblige. They’re giving away five songs for Guitar Hero World Tour (360, PS3, Wii) all yours for the taking! Check for details in the full article and find out how you can claim the tracks.

Guitar Hero World Tour - Image 1

Get the Complete Guitar Game for Guitar Hero World Tour (360, PS3, Wii) and get the serial number and owner ID ’cause you’ll need them if you want to download the five free songs that Activision is handing out. You get to pick five songs from a list provided, we don’t know what the songs are just yet, but you bet we’ll give you an update when we do. For now, you’d better hurry since this offer stands only until the 31st of December.

Follow the source link below to find the promo site.

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Via Guitar Hero.com

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