PinHockey v0.2

PinHockey screen - Image 1Homebrew developer Relavak is cooking up a homebrew game for the Nintendo DS in his labs, titled PinHockey. The latest release, PinHockey version 0.2, adds new options and movable paddles to the air hockey/pinball hybrid. Learn more about it at the full article.

Download: PinHockey v0.2

PinHockey screenshot - Image 1It’s fun when air hockey and pinball collide, and that’s the idea behind homebrew developer Relavak‘s PinHockey for the Nintendo DS. PinHockey version 0.2 offers new options to the basic air hockey/pinball hybrid, and introduces a mode that uses dual screens.

PinHockey v0.2 is designed for up to two players, but it’s still in an early stage so gameplay can be difficult to grasp. Turning dual screen on puts you in a new field with extra movable paddles on the top screen. New to this version is the option to have two pucks instead of one, which can be fun to mess around with.

Download: PinHockey v0.2

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