Pirates of the Burning Sea: 1.4 skill changes for the Naval Officer

Pirates of the Burning Sea: 1.4 skill changes for the Naval Officer - Image 1Interested to know what’s in store for players of Pirates of the Burning Sea? Well, we got information regarding one particular job, the Naval Officer. Apparently, there’s a lot of changes for this class in the forthcoming patch 1.4. Find out what these are after the jump!

Enter your TITLE here...Pirates of the Burning Sea: 1.4 skill changes for the Naval Officer - Image 1If you’re a Naval Officer in Flying Lab Software‘s Pirates of the Burning Sea, then you’d better jot down some of the interesting changes that will take place once patch 1.4 is up.

Apparently, all of the tiered skills are to be taken away. Some of the notable skills that will be removed are Requisition Berth, Defender 1, For God and Country 1, and Military Intelligence 1. Aside from these, the whole lot will never be again used in the game.

But don’t go crying just yet. This is actually a good thing. New skills will be replacing the old ones. Here are some of the skills that you can look forward to in the future:

  • Rapid Shot
  • Last Resort Maneuverability
  • Scatter Shot
  • Last Resort Speed
  • Defensive Ship
  • Escort
  • Pirate Hunter
  • Damage Discipline

What’s even great news for Naval Officers is that changes will be made to some of the current skills used by the job class. This includes Break Morale, Rally the Crew, Last Stand, Desperate Shot, Warning Shot, Military Communications, and Strategic Position.

Due to these fixes and changes, the whole set of Navy skill tree has been revamped. This has been done to accommodate all the things that are going to be introduced soon. The reason behind this is that the game can emphasize on the job’s defensive advantage while maintaining options for a small group PvP.

If you guys are itching to know the nitty-gritty details behind the changes that were just mentioned, feel free to head on over to the source link below. Don’t forget to come back to QJ.NET for more updates on the MMO.

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