Pirates of the Burning Sea: Exchange Shops

Pirates of the Burning Sea - Image 1After giving us a sneak peek of the new Exchange System for Pirates of the Burning Sea, developer Flying Lab Software‘s Anna Murchison is telling us more about the new Exchange Shop feature. Head over the full article for more details.

Pirates of the Burning Sea - Exchange shops - Image 1

Pirate life will never be complete without money or even barter. That’s why over at Pirates of the Burning Sea, developer Flying Lab Software introduced a new gameplay wrinkle – the Exchange Shops.

If you could remember, Flying Lab Software already gave us a peek of this new trade system. Today, Technical Content Designer Anna Murchison provides us with a detailed rundown of the new Exchange Shops, starting with its aim to make turn-in missions more convenient.

In the Exchange Shop, the list of missions will be replaced with a shop interface. Goodies are sorted from left to right. The left side shows items you will need to start a trade. The right side, on the other hand, shows the items you will receive for a specific exchange. You just can’t make any trade you want though – some will require a certain level. Pull-down menus are also available to make it easier to look for an item.

Exchange Shops can be found on the Prize Agents which resides in the Admiralty Office. This office, which also serves as the headquarters of the Crime Lord, has branches in Port Royal (Britain), Pointe-a-Pitre (France), San Juan (Spain) and Tortuga (Brethren of the Coast).

Normally found in Regional Auction Houses, European Traders are also given a place in the Exchange Shop. You have to be careful dealing with them though. If you’ve earned the ire of the Prize Agents, the European Traders are sure to give you much worse deals.

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