PixelJunk on ‘roids: Savage Moon first details, screens

PS3 PSN - Savage Moon - SCEA - Image 1Take PixelJunk Monsters, amp it up with a more 3D approach, and while you’re at it, throw in some alien bugs (hordes of ’em!) from Starship Troopers, and viola!, you get Savage Moon, the new PSN downloadable tower defense title from SCEA. Today, we’re given the 411 of what this game will play like, with an invading army of screens fresh from outer space.

PS3 PSN - Savage Moon - SCEA - Image 1

A new title from SCEA has been revealed for the PlayStation Network today. Going live sometime this fall, Savage Moon looks like another grade-A downloadable title. Specific details of its release haven’t been released yet, but we’ve got some screens and gameplay details to tide you over.

I’d call it PixelJunk Monsters on steroids – Savage Moon is a tower defense game that’s been given a Starship Troopers feel. Instead of having you defend your tower, the game will have you defending your mining factilities located in a living asteroid called an Imoon.

Enter the invading bug armies – the Insectocytes – intent on pillaging your resources. You’ve got an arsenal of weapons at your disposal to push back the buggy threat: machine gun towers and other heavy artillery.

As these tower defense games go, the invading hodes come in all shapes and sizes, and it’s up to you on how to strategically wipe them out with your weaponry. Prove your worth and you might end up claiming the top ranks of the Harvest Savage Moon leaderboards.

PS3 PSN - Savage Moon - SCEA - Image 1PS3 PSN - Savage Moon - SCEA - Image 2
PS3 PSN - Savage Moon - SCEA - Image 3PS3 PSN - Savage Moon - SCEA - Image 4

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