Plasma Clock demo video for Time Baby v11

Time Baby goes plasma - Image 1Remember Art’s Time Baby application? In version 10e, he introduced a nifty little addition, called the Plasma Screen Saver feature. Well, he’s brought some more plasma into the mix, as a new video shows. This video is a demo for the Plasma Clock feature that Art intends to implement in Time Baby v11.

Interested in seeing the vid? Head on over to the full article for the video!

Time Baby goes plasma - Image 1Time Baby goes plasma - Image 2

Art’s Time Baby certainly gets better with each new release, and it seems that the latest version will not only be better… it’ll also be plasmatastic! Art’s released a demonstration video for Time Baby v11, which shows off a Plasma Clock feature he’s managed to add onto the application.

Here’s his explanation from the forums:

The video demonstrates the user can play with the display, and I’d also like that configuration to be saved along with the rest of the user profile. It also demonstrates that the display can be made to gradually cycle through solid colours, and that the normal user defined colour applies to other display modes.

Without further ado, below is the demo video for Time Baby v11, presumably running on his very own Sony PSP. Enjoy!

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