Play-Asia reveals upcoming Japanese PSP titles: Mana Khemia, Pipemania, others

Play-Asia logo - Image 1Play-Asia just listed new titles available for pre-order, and PlayStation Portable owners will be delighted. Importers  who enjoy Japanese games can soon grab Mana-Khemia: Gakuen no Renkinjutsu Shitachi Portable among all things. Find out what other games will be coming to the Sony PSP at the full article.

Mana Khemia: Alchemists of Al-Revis - Image 1PlayStation Portable owners who import games from Japan have a lot to look forward to, as the online retailer Play-Asia just listed new titles for your handheld that may see release soon. Mana-Khemia: Gakuen no Renkinjutsu Shitachi Portable by Gust headlines the list.

From the looks of it, the upcoming Mana-Khemia for the PSP is a port of the original PS2 RPG, which will ship to the west as Mana Khemia: Alchemists of Al-Revis by the end of this month.

Another RPG, Ken To Mahou To Gakuen Mono, is coming from Acquire. There’s also Pipemania by Empire, though we’re not certain if it’s a port or remake of the 1989 puzzle game. The first two Memories Off visual novels will also appear on the Sony PSP to published by Cyber Front after original developer KID went bankrupt.

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