Playlogic stays with SCEE as first party developer

Playlogic - Image 1Playlogic Entertainment, Inc. today announced that Playlogic Game Factory will continue working with SCEE London’s First Party development team. The publisher has just completed EyeToy Pom Pom Party (which will be released this quarter) for the PS2 and is gearing up for more.

EyePet by Playlogic - Image 1

Playlogic Entertainment, Inc. has announced today that Playlogic Game Factory will continue to work with Sony Computer Entertainment Europe as a first party developer. The two have been working together in developing EyePet, a virtual pet game where players can interact with their pet using the PlayStation Eye, and are expected to proceed with the collaboration to 2009.

Playlogic has previously been commissioned by the SCEE to develop Aqua Vita, Tori-Emaki, and Mermerize for the PlayStation Network. The soonest release we’ll get from them would be the EyeToy Pom Pom Party, which will hit stores this quarter.

It looks like the SCEE and Playlogic have more projects together, so we’ll be seeing more from them in 2009. Playlogic executive VP Roger W. Smit has this to say:

We are proud to continue our development work for SCEE. The technology and skills provided by our employees have enabled us to deliver quality and deliver on time. We are very pleased with this enduring collaboration on current and future projects.

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