Playstation Blog: Metal Gear Online’s starting equipment, the mancannon, and free vouchers

Playstation Blog: Metal Gear Online's gear, the mancannon, and free vouchers - Image 1Still hoping to get a chance to jump into Metal Gear Online‘s Beta run for this month? Konami‘s Brandon Laurino unveiled some new details regarding this upcoming event, along with hints on where you can get vouchers for the test game when it goes online this April 21. Details are available in the full article.

Playstation Blog: Metal Gear Online's gear, the mancannon, and free vouchers - Image 1Brandon Laurino of Konami Online dropped by the PlayStation Blogs to kick off the first of the Metal Gear Monday series of updates for Metal Gear Online.

Laurino unveiled details on MGO Beta’s stages, starting equipment, character creation, and the mancannon.

He also revealed other means for players to pick up MGO Beta‘s Unique Product Voucher Code (UPVC), for the sake of the guys who didn’t pick up the special Metal Gear Saga Vol. 2 DVD package. We’ll first be describing a rundown of MGO‘s character creation. The Beta game will give players one character slot. You can then pick up to four skills to specialize in based on your playing style.

As discussed before, players can then pick from two maps currently available in the Beta game: Blood Bath, and Groznyj Grad. The latter stage should be familiar for the guys who’ve played MGS3: It’s the name of the facility where Shagohod was stored. You’ll further be able to pick from four gameplay modes: Death Match, Team Death Match, Base Mission, and Capture Mission mode.

At this point, you’re probably wondering what a “mancannon” is. According to Laurino, it’s basically a catapult that will allow you to launch your character across the game’s map. As to the crazy stunts that this could entail, we’ll leave that to your imagination.

The last detail we’ll be reporting on is regarding Metal Gear Online’s Beta keys. If you didn’t manage to get one before, Laurino’s announcing that you can still grab one via Konami’s MGO site. Do hurry – supplies for the voucher are limited.

If you already have an MGO Beta  voucher, we remind you that the client will be available for download this April 17 via the PlayStation Store. Gameplay will begin on April 21, and will end on May 5. We’ve also listed some of the starting gear that will be available for MGO below. Full details on MGO‘s story context and how you can pick up your own Beta voucher are available in the source link.

  • Standard issue, with character:
    • CBOX
    • BINO
    • S.PLUG.S
    • In the map:
    • ENVG
    • DRUM
  • Weapons:
    • Primary, main weapons at base:
      • vz83
      • P90( +Suppressor)
      • MP5, AK (+Grenade Launcher)
      • M4 (Suppressor, Scope, Datsight, Grenade Launcher, Grip)
      • M17 (Datsight, Scope, Grip)
      • SVD
      • MOSIN
      • M14EBR
      • DSR1
      • M870
      • SHIELD
      • RPG
      • SOP DESTAB
    • Secondary (Sub Weapon):
      • GSR
      • Mk.2 PISTOL
      • OPERATOR (Suppressor)
      • G18C
      • D.E.
    • Support (Others):
      • GRENADE
      • WP GRENADE
      • CLAYMORE
      • C4
      • MAGAZINE

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