PlayStation Home 25-minute walkthrough

PlayStation Home - Image 1As Kaz Hirai said, the delay of Sony‘s PlayStation Home may actually be a good thing. We get more excited every time there’s new footage of the virtual world, especially when it’s a 25-minute walkthrough featuring the many things you can do in the anticipated online service of Sony.

The video awaits at the full article!

Sony‘s much anticipated service for the PlayStation 3 with PlayStation Portable integration won’t be available until 2008, and it’s almost disheartening how constant delays pushed its release window to next year. Fortunately, this means hard work is being invested to make PlayStation Home worth having. As of now, there are already many things you can do in Sony’s virtual world, and you can see what exactly those are in the 25-minute video below.

Everything from character customization, creating homes, doing emotes, to playing the arcade and other games remain intact since we first saw them. Even if you’re skeptic if the PlayStation Home will actually appeal to a wide audience, check out the walkthrough and you’ll see if the hype around the service is with merit.

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