PlayStation Network – Race Driver: GRID demo details

Race Driver: GRID Demo on PlayStation Network details - Image 1On May 8, the PlayStation Network will be releasing a demo of Race Driver: GRID. Now Codemasters has revealed that the demo contains three separate events to compete in. Check out the full article to find out what you can expect from the demo.

Race Driver: GRID Demo on PlayStation Network details - Image 1 

In honor of PlayStation Day, Sony will be releasing twice the usual content in this week’s PlayStation Network update. Among the many great content we’ll be getting is Race Driver: GRID which will arrive on the second weekly update, on May 8 (the first update, if you guys recall, will be on the 6th).

According to an update from Codemasters, the demo will contain three separate events that players will be able to compete in. First is the eBay Motors Muscle Cup, then the Advan International Trophy, and lastly the Euro Touring Car Series.

The update also hints on a way to win a prize, although it didn’t go into details. We’ll find out more when the demo comes out. Here are more details on the events:

  • eBay Motors Muscle Cup
  • Advan International Trophy
    • Car: Nissan S15 Silvia
    • Setting: Yokohama Docks
  • Euro Touring Car Series
    • Car: BMW 320si Touring Car
    • Setting: Jarama

Via Codemasters

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